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Introductory Post

Cosmopolitan astrological characteristics article

Welcome to my astronomy blog! In my first post, I would like to talk about the idea astrology in order to introduce some of my personality and discuss what I learned in the reading this week.

I have a twin brother with a wildly different personality so I have always been skeptical of astrological personality types. Therefore, I have always wondered what it exactly means to be a Leo. I find myself relating to certain characteristics of Leos, however lack other qualities.

After reading Chapter 2 of The Cosmic Perspective, I fully began to understand the true definition of a Leo. In short, it means my brother and I were born during the time of the year where the constellation, Leo, is hidden by the sun. 

Our personalities should have no relationship to the relative location of the sun when we were born. However, the study of astrological signs is an important illustration of the relationship between astronomy and human behavior. 


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